A job opening and an induction

Wanted: A candidate for the Mass Ninth Congressional District. This individual will represent all of the people of the district and lead with courage and integrity. The candidate must value diversity and equality and must not allow their personal religious views to enter into politics. Must be able to vote for the people — not just to keep the seat. Disingenuous candidates need not apply. A strong track record of pro-woman actions and support is a plus. A small army of supporters is ready to assist you in this position. Applications will be reviewed immediately.

And now, an induction: Hello Ladies has “deemed” that Representative Stephen Lynch D-MA “passes” the test for an Ignorant Male Legislator Award and we are inducting him into the group. Rep. Lynch probably could have joined after he voted yes on the Stupak amendment, but we gave him a pass. However, after hearing his “disingenuous” reasons for why he plans to vote no on healthcare reform, we are welcoming him to the club.

Lynch told WBZ radio that the bill “stripped out all the significant reform.” We disagree. In the current system women pay significantly higher premiums and face other discriminatory practices based on pre-existing conditions that include having a c-section, being raped or having been the victim of domestic abuse. Righting those wrongs is pretty significant. The bill would also help the currently uninsured, an estimated 32 million Americans. Again, rather significant.

We agree with Lynch on one thing: this bill is far from perfect. For instance, the anti-abortion amendments in both the House and the Senate version are some of the most restrictive moves against reproductive rights in decades. And the lack of a public option is highly disappointing. But we need healthcare reform and cannot afford to “go back to the drawing board” for an indefinite number of years.

Lynch’s move smells of a calculated political play to hang onto his seat in November following a Brownswell of voters who shook up the Commonwealth in January.

One more thing: Katha Pollitt has a great piece in The Nation on pro-choicers and healthcare reform. Check it out here.

2 comments for “A job opening and an induction

  1. Frank
    June 16, 2010 at 10:49 am

    Sexism swings both ways and your comment is sexist! Its one thing to say you disagree with this legislator, but to assign some kind of connection between ignorance and him being male is insulting. Should I make my own award system. How about “Bitchy Female Legislator Award”? Not so funny is it.

  2. June 16, 2010 at 11:06 am

    Frank, thanks for commenting. There is nothing funny to us about men trying to legislate women’s bodies. Ignorance is defined as lacking knowledge or comprehension of a topic. The Congressman clearly doesn’t understand the issues women face in the current healthcare system.

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