Make It Stop

Yesterday the local news was buzzing with the story of Laura Stone Mortimer, who along with her two children and mother, was allegedly murdered by her husband. I was saddened to see another domestic violence case in the headlines so soon after the mass murder of four women in Florida.

But it turns out I don’t know what sadness is. I can only guess. But my friend knows. Late last night I learned her sister was murdered three weeks ago by her soon to be ex-husband.

My friend blogs at Skirt!. Please read her posts “I’m Still Bleeding” and “My Sister’s Murderer.” Newspaper stories can’t accurately protray the impact of domestic violence. But she has. This is the true story of violence against women.

And then read this op-ed based on the murder. This is what we need to know.

2 comments for “Make It Stop

  1. Alison
    June 20, 2010 at 8:25 am

    My heart goes out to Kim and her family for her sister’s death. And thank you for bringing it to our attention so everyone who reads it will consider the information in light of protecting and educating their sisters, daughters, neighbors, and others. I agree with the editorial that society has to examine its longstanding treatment of and attitudes about women and violence. Lots have changed, but not enough.

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