Nagging Doesn’t Kill

Earlier this week, the Bangor Daily News ran this headline, “Police affidavit: Brooks man shot wife over nagging” to accompany a story about a man who shot and killed his wife because he said she was nagging him. In researching the story, I entered “kill nagging wife” in Google and was shocked how many similar stories I found.

According to this article from The Telegraph, up until 2008 barristers in the UK used persistent nagging as a defense tactic in domestic violence cases.

A story in the Orange County Local News Network earlier this year covered the trial of a man whose lawyers say “accidently” choked his mother to death. Why? She nagged him.

And then I found this radio clip from an Opie & Anthony radio show. It is several years old and WARNING it is offensive and disturbing. While discussing a news story about a man who ran over his nagging wife, the shock jocks laugh and say, “How great is that?”

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Let’s be clear. Nagging didn’t kill any of the women mentioned. Violent, abusive men killed them. And let’s remember that fact as the gun lobbyists ready a fight against the ban on guns for domestic violence offenders following this week’s Supreme Court ruling on gun ownership.

For more on how guns play a key role in domestic violence read:

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  1. June 30, 2010 at 9:02 pm

    so so SO true …”Nagging didn’t kill any of the women mentioned. Violent, abusive men killed them.” …and they most likely had “Violent, abusive men” as lawyers. assholes. what bullshit!

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