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News microphoneHere’s some of the news affecting women from around the web:

The women who accused former head of the IMF Dominque Strauss Kahn of raping her in a New York hotel has taken her story direct to the media after weeks of scrutiny about her life and character. She has been accused of prostitution, had her credibility called in to question and been vilified in the comments sections of news outlets across the web. Nafissatou Diallo gave an in depth interview to Newsweek and an on camera interview to ABC News.  While we don’t know how this decision to give interviews plays into her legal team’s strategy, we do know this is the second time in recent months a woman has gone on a major news program to talk about an attack. CBS reporter Lara Logan went on prime-time to discuss her attack in Egypt. While it is common practice to protect the identity of a defendant in a rape case, often to protect them from harassment, these interviews help advance the discussion about this horrible crime and help remove the stigma of shame and blame that is often placed on the victim.

The man behind the killings in Norway revealed a hatred of women, among other things, in the manifesto he left behind. Michelle Goldberg writes about it at The Daily Beast. For a compelling read on the media’s failure to report on the role of gender and misogyny in crime, read Jennifer Pozner’s article, “From Jonesboro to Virginia Tech – sexism is fatal, but media miss the story.” While it appears the Norway killer was fueled by a hatred of many things, it is important to note the role misogyny played in addition to his other motives.

A Georgia woman faces up to three years in jail for the death of her son who was struck by a car. The woman, however, wasn’t behind the wheel. Raquel Nelson was crossing the street with her children when a van hit her son and then fled the scene Nelson, was  convicted of vehicular homicide for failure to cross in the crosswalk. The driver was sentenced to six months jail time. From anti abortion bills that could criminalize miscarriage, to Nelson’s conviction, the message, ladies, is be a perfect baby vessel and mother. Anything less is a crime.

And if in your attmept to be perfect, you choose breast over bottle, keep it to yourself. The breastfeeding baby doll is back in the news and deemed “creepy” by critics. It’s okay for young girls to play mom and feed their baby dolls a bottle. But if they pretend to nurse the baby, that’s a different story.





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  1. July 26, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Hello, Ladies,
    What are your thoughts on the “Breast Feeding” Doll?
    That controversial topic deserves an ENTIRE blog all by itself. :) WOW.

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