So What Wednesday

woman casting ballot


The morning after Super Tuesday, where do we stand? Early this morning, the Associated Press called the state of Ohio for Mitt Romney. All eyes were on this state, considered crucial, where Romney only eked out a win. The former governor of Massachusetts also won his home turf, Virginia, Vermont, Idaho and Alaska. Former Senator Rick Santorum won in Tennessee, North Dakota and Oklahoma. And former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich took his home state of Georgia.

The Wall Street Journal has the current delegate count at:

  • Romney 415
  • Santorum 176
  • Gingrich 105
  • Paul 47

The Washington Post is reporting no gender gap in yesterday’s voting, stating, “In Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia, women and men split their votes similarly across the four Republican presidential contenders.” In Ohio, however, according to ABC News, exit polls showed some differences in how women voted. Romney won among working women and single women perhaps reflecting Santorum’s out-there views on women in the workforce.

The bottom-line: the same four guys are still contending for the Republican nomination, women’s rights are still in play, and women’s votes still matter.


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