Heroine of the Week: Rep.Tammy Baldwin

Tammy Baldwin

photo credit: ljlphotography via photopin cc

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, who on Tuesday was elected Wisconsin’s first female senator and the first openly gay candidate elected to the Senate, F.Y.I., is this week’s heroine of the week. After Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson offered to explain the federal budget to her saying, “Hopefully I can sit down and lay out for her my best understanding of the federal budget because they’re simply the facts,” Baldwin made it clear she didn’t need any help with math.

Baldwin told the Huffington Post, “I was a double major in college in mathematics and political science, and I served for six years on the House Budget Committee in my first six years in the House. And I am very confident that when proposals come before the U.S. Senate, I will be able to evaluate them as to how they benefit or harm middle-class Wisconsinites.”

Thanks but no thanks Senator Johnson. Baldwin’s got this covered.



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