Monday Memo: Mind Your Grammar


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Mom always said, “Mind your manners.” Great advice for play dates and birthday parties. But when it comes to your professional life, nice girls finish last, and  smart girls get ahead. So forget mom’s advice, and instead, mind your grammar. Because if you mind you’re grammar, you might not get that next promotion.

If you don’t know Grammar Girl, meet her. She’s Mignon Fogarty and she hosts the Grammar Girl podcast and runs the Quick and Dirty Tips network.  Bookmark her site and check it before you hit the send button on your next email, memo or proposal. Not sure if you should use who or whom, that or which, affect or effect, its or it’s? Grammar Girl can help.



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  1. November 10, 2012 at 10:24 pm

    This book helps a lot, most especially for those moms who are working at home and doing some article writing stuff.. Enriching knowledge about grammar is a step to move forward and be successful with such career. Thanks for sharing! Please keep us posted..

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