Missing Prada


Two years after saying goodbye to my beautiful dog Prada, I am saying goodbye to another faithful companion – my red Prada bowling bag.

The life expectancy of a Siberian Husky is 12 to 15 years. My sibe lived ten years too short. The life expectancy of a Prada bag, based on what they cost, is forever. My bag lasted eleven years.

Like my dog Prada, my Prada bag was a faithful companion. I bought it to celebrate a big client win. Two weeks later, I actually won the account. That bag took so many cross country trips with me, American Airline flight attendants used to bring it a chocolate chip cookie from the first class cabin. It served as a purse, a computer bag, a weekender, even a diaper bag. And, it was the inspiration for my dog’s name.

It made sense. Both Pradas made me smile every time I looked at them. Both Pradas were willing to go with me wherever I went. Both Pradas went with every outfit I wore. The bag was classic enough to wear with anything, and its deep red color could pull of an evening look. My dog, and her beautiful brother, shed enough to knit a small sweater every day and I never left the house without their fur sticking to my clothes. Both Pradas were beautiful.

And, both Pradas had to move on. A few years ago, I pulled the piping off the corners of my bag. The manufacturer and the retailer told me there was nothing they could do; but I still carried it. Then last year, I cut out the shredded lining. A few months ago, the zipper came apart from the rest of the bag and I had to face reality. My dog suffered a similar decline. Perhaps I should have said goodbye to both of them sooner, but it’s so hard to know when to say when.

Neither Prada is replaceable. My designer label days are over for now, and quite possibly forever. My money now goes to a mortgage, my kids, my kids, my kids and my kids. My dog-owning days are over for now too. My time goes to my job, my kids, my kids, my kids and my kids.

I’ve already purchased a new red bag. It has no label, cost a fraction of what its predecessor cost, and I doubt it will last 11 years. I have no plans to get a new dog. I can carry a TJ Maxx special on my arm, but when it comes to my heart, I will always love Prada.





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