Monday Memo: Practice Compassion

Work can be a stressful place in December. There are month-end financials and year-end financials to deal with, plus the company holiday party. Couple that with the holiday stress many of us feel outside the office, and we can all get a little edgy. And this year, on top of the everyday challenges we face, we are grappling with one of the most senseless and devastating tragedies to affect our nation. Now, more than ever, we all need some support.

Practice compassion at work this week.¬†A University of Michigan study conducted by Jacoba Lilius, Ph.D. found compassion at work, “cultivates positive meanings, which in turn induce feelings that connect people to themselves, to each other, and to their workplace.” Who doesn’t need that right now? An article in Psychology Today¬†outlines several simple ways we can practice compassion at work:

  • Communicate openly and transparently.
  • Be flexible and ¬†willing to set aside rules for the greater good.
  • Remove or decrease judgment and criticism of others.
  • Manage our emotions productively and positively.
  • Be mindful of the effect our words and actions have on others.

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