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Protests at  India Gate-010

Protests at India Gate-010 (Photo credit: ramesh_lalwani)

Here’s a roundup of news affecting women.

ForbesWoman has shared the best jobs for women based on satisfaction, salary, projected growth and annual openings. The top job? Diagnosing doctors including physicians, dentists and optometrists. See the rest of the jobs here.

Speaking of women and work, Think Progress created an interesting infographic view of how the United States’ zero weeks of paid maternity leave compare to other countries. To see the sobering facts, click here.

And for women not quite ready for maternity leave, interesting news out of the Supreme Court: Two companies, Hobby Lobby Stores and Christian bookstore chain Mardel, asked the Supreme Court to excuse them from having to provide free health insurance to their employees for emergency contraceptives, per the Affordable Care Act. According to reports, the companies said the provision would cause “irreparable harm to their religious freedom and to their businesses.” The high court turned down the request.

In other reproductive rights news, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed an anti-abortion “superbill” according to RH Reality Check’s Robin Marty. HB5711 requires doctors to screen women for coercion before performing an abortion, bans telemedicine to prescribe first trimester medication abortions and regulates abortion clinics as hospital operating rooms. Opponents of the bill say the ban on telemedicine limits options for women in rural areas and the operating room provision imposes regulations that may force some clinics to close down.

Interestingly, Snyder vetoed a separate bill that would have allowed Blue Cross Blue Shield to ban abortion coverage. Snyder told the Detroit News he vetoed that bill because , “it is wrong to tell private insurers and employers what they can negotiate in their contracts.” But Marty points out apparently, “telling women what they should be allowed medically to do with their own bodies is less worrisome for Snyder.”

And finally, tragic news out of India where two women are dead following gang rapes. A seventeen year-old girl committed suicide by ingesting poison earlier this week. News reports say police handling the case had pressured her to withdraw her report. And a 23 year-old woman died in a Singapore hospital where she had been transferred after sustaining massive injuries following a brutal attack on a bus in New Delhi. Her attack has sparked protests near the city. According to CNN, “New Delhi alone reported 572 rapes last year and more than 600 in 2012.”


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  1. January 2, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Women have come a long way and progressed in many areas, but we still have a lot of work to do as this round-up suggests. Please visit Venus Blogs as we also keep tabs on women and where we are on a social, economic and political scale:

    • January 2, 2013 at 12:43 pm

      Thanks for the comment and the link Tameka.

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