Monday Memo: Reboot Your Self-Confidence

Today’s Monday Memo comes courtesy of Dr. Anne Perschel, a leadership and business psychologist at Germane Consulting; and co-founder of 3Plus International, a professional network of women-worth-knowing, dedicated to advancing women in their chosen careers. Dr. Perschel reminds us how important it is to  program our self-confidence.

Why? According to research by American Association of University Women, girls and boys lose self-confidence in middle school. Boys climb back up the scale in their 20s, while women bounce along the bottom until their 40s. Furthermore self-confidence is the most frequently named barrier for achieving career success, according to over 300 senior women who participated in research on Women and the Paradox of Power

Upgrade your self-confidence software with this exercise:

List your achievements (small and large) over the past five years. Next, write a self-statement that reflects this list. Begin with “I am the kind of person…” For example, “I am the kind of person who takes on new challenges and succeeds. Say it out loud. Rinse. Repeat.

Read the full article How Old is Your Self-image on Germane Insights.


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