Women and the White House Cabinet

English: President Barack Obama meets with mem...

President Barack Obama meets with members of his Cabinet in the Cabinet Room at the White House.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does President Obama need someone to bring him a few binders full of women? The President is catching plenty of criticism because four of his recent Cabinet choices have been men – white men. Certainly his recent appointments don’t demonstrate a commitment to gender diversity, or any kind of diversity. However, his appointments over the course of his Presidency have been more diverse. Still, it will be interesting to see who he vets to lead the FCC and to replace Hilda Solis as¬†Secretary of Labor, Lisa Jackson as EPA Administrator and now Kenneth Salazar as Interior Secretary.

While we wait to see the makeup of the entire Cabinet, it’s interesting to look at which Presidents have elected women to the cabinet. Presidents Obama and Clinton have the best records for gender diversity based on this infographic from the Rutgers University Center for American Women and Politics.


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