Working Mothers: Work After Baby (Infographic)

The United States is one of only four countries that does not offer paid maternity leave, despite the fact there are more than twenty-three million working mothers in this country. Those who do take leave often have to string together sick days, vacation days, disability leave, and whatever maternity leave their employers offer.

When the women return to work they must take it upon themselves to find a clean and private place to pump breast milk. (I used an electrical closet that I shared with spiders.)

Then, if and when their children get sick, the working mother will most likely need to call in sick—unless she is one of the four percent of Americans whose employer offers back-up child car and as long she isn’t one of the 48 percent of workers in the private sector who doesn’t receive any paid sick days.

Still, working mothers report feeling happy, healthy, and involved in their children’s school activities. Imagine how good they would feel if we had equal pay, more paid sick leave, paid parental leave, and affordable childcare?

Work After Baby
Source: Work After Baby

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