Hello Ladies Upholds Decision to Name Iowa Supreme Court Ignorant Legislators of the Week

pinkgavelRemember when we named the Iowa Supreme Court our Ignorant Legislators of the Week* for ruling that it was lawful to fire an employee for being irresistibly attractive? Well, we’re upholding that ruling.

After reconsidering an earlier ruling  in a case where a dentist fired his dental assistant because he and his wife felt threatened by the dentist’s relationship with Nelson, the court upheld the ruling yesterday. The assistant,  Melissa Nelson, worked for Dr. James Knight for more than 10 years and the dentist acknowledged she was a good assistant. However,  Knight thought she was so attractive he might conduct an affair with her.

Nelson claimed her boss’ decision constituted gender discrimination and had asked the high court to reconsider. They reconsidered, but reached the same conclusion.

*Ignorant Legislator of the Week awards are not limited to legislators.

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