What Do Working Mothers Want? (Infographic)

Are working mothers leaning in or opting out? I asked that question in Mogul, Mom & Maid. The answer is way too layered for a catchphrase. Headlines and statistics can’t do justice to the whole story. Some women are thriving, some are striving, and some are trying to steer clear of the glass ceiling. They’re looking for that career in the middle that will allow them to use their education and skills, provide for their families, but also allow them to spend time with their families. Does it exist?

Hulafrog, a hyperlocal website for suburban mothers, surveyed its subscribers (2,127 U.S. women with children at home under the age of 18) about their attitudes toward work and family and the results are similar to what the women in Mogul, Mom & Maid told me. Most of the respondents are looking for something in the middle. What about you? Are you thriving, striving, or just surviving?


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