Better than Spanx

Amelia Earhart League of Ladies Underwear

Amelia Earhart League of Ladies Underwear

Despite the great strides women continue to make, the latest innovations in women’s underwear have been less than stellar. Until now.

First we got Spanx. They’re not all bad. By constricting us, they expand our wardrobes. But  let’s be honest, they’re just a modern day girdle.

Then we got the modern day version of the chastity belt, the AR underwear. AR underwear is designed “for when things go wrong” and are marketed as antirape underwear. Ugh.

But now, now we have the League of Ladies Underwear – superhero underwear for women. And the best part is that the superheroes aren’t the bustier and spandex wearing ladies like Wonder Woman and CatWoman. These briefs feature real-life ladies like Frida Kahlo and Amelia Earhart. You can learn more by following this Tumblr. No, this underwear won’t make you look like you dropped a size. But it’s sure to put a smile on your face. And nothing makes you look more beautiful than that.


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