The M3 Interview: Jenny Garrett, Reflexion Associates

Jenny GarrettIf Jenny Garrett of Reflexion Associates and author of Rocking Your Role could turn back time, she’d stop being a good girl.

Where/when do you feel most successful? I feel most successful when I am mentoring or giving advice to others. I then realize how far I’ve come and that I have a lot of experience and expertise to share with others.

What is your number one rule for achieving success? Find your passion and don’t compromise on it.

With what do you struggle? Responding to the volume of emails that I receive.

What one thing do you wish you had more time for? I have all the time I need, but wish I used more of it dancing in wild abandon.

Is the life you’re living now, the life you imagined at age 25? At 25 I was working full time in marketing and studying for a business degree in the evenings. I expected to be in a corporate marketing role at the age I am now, with hundreds of people reporting to me and lots of international travel. My views changed when I discovered the power of coaching to transform my life and those that I work with. I don’t think I’d heard of coaching when I was 25!

If you went back to age 25, what would you change? I would stop being ‘a good girl’ and not worry what people thought about me.  It’s often fear that ends up holding you back.

What would you like to see women do more of? Be confident to Rock their Role as trailblazers. Right now women are moving forward, but they need to be less tentative and know they CAN craft the life they want.

What do you admire in/about other women? Women are amazing, fantastic and fabulous, their capacity to love, learn and bring home the bacon is astounding. Rocking Your Role

What is your worst habit? I think I’ve got lots of bad habits. My worst is probably losing things around the house and then blaming everyone else for moving them.

Is your life balanced? I have set boundaries around how much I work and how I spend my days. These create the balance that I need. My balance might look imbalanced to someone else, but it’s right for me.

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