The M3 Blog Carnival: What’s Your Balancing Act?

CarnivalM3Welcome to the Mogul, Mom & Maid blog carnival. While writing Mogul, Mom & Maid I hosted several group discussions in living rooms and via conference calls with working women who lead very busy lives. These women couldn’t easily get out to socialize on a weeknight, or any night, for that matter. But once they started talking, they didn’t stop. Several of the discussions ran past midnight, despite the fact the women had worked all day, and would be up six or seven hours later to make lunches, wake the kids, and rush out the door again.

What the late nights demonstrated, for me and for the women who participated in the discussions, is how infrequently we discuss our lives with each other and how important it is that we tell each other our truths.

It’s nice to hear other people talk about it,” one woman said at the end of one of the gatherings. “You feel like you’re the only one …” Added another woman, “We need to talk to each other. That’s the most important thing.”

What would you say if you removed the mask? What are your working mother truths? To keep the important conversation going, I asked some working mom bloggers to share their thoughts on some of the themes from the book. You can read what they had to say by clicking on the links below. You’ll read the three things a single, traveling, career-mom does to manage it all, seven mistakes a seasoned working mother made and how to avoid making them yourself, three important decisions another working mother has made to make her life work, and so much more. And please, take some time to check out the rest of their blogs while you’re there.

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Looking in the Mirror: Mogul, Mom & Maid by Rocks Are Hard

Working Mom Woes: Mogul, Mom & Maid from LadyDeeLG

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