The M3 Interview: Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow

Latham ThomasLatham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow and author of the book “Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to a Fabulous and Abundant Pregnancy,” speaks the truth: you can have it all, you just can’t do it all.

Where/when do you feel most successful? I feel most successful when I am doing what I love and helping others. When I look at my son I feel successful – I’ve poured all of my energy into raising him and he is an incredible young man.

What is your number one rule for achieving success? I always listen to the whispers. Listen to that inner voice- the gut wisdom, follow my heart. It’s the listening that guides me to making the decisions that are right for me and my unique path. Trusting my self is so important.

With what do you struggle? Time management is the biggest challenge for me.

What one thing do you wish you had more time for? I need to make more time for travel during the cold months- I love to get away when it’s cold outside.

With what do you wish you had more help? I would love a few more talented writers to work on the site.

Is the life you’re living now, the life you imagined at age 25? You know, when I was 25 I didn’t have the capacity to dream this big for myself – that grew with me over time. I would have wanted a beautiful life but I would never have imagined it would be this.

If you went back to age 25, what would you change? I wouldn’t change anything. I am who I am because of my life experience.

What is your dream job? I’m living my dream job. I don’t call it my job, I call it my joy!

What would you like to see women do more of? I would like to see more women reclaiming their power and stepping outside of the box to lead with their hearts. I would like to see women take better care of themselves – make time to indulge in pleasures because we work so hard.

Who are your heroines? My mother, my grandmother.

What do you admire in/about other women? I admire determination, I admire discipline and compassion.

Is your life balanced? I don’t believe in balance, I believe in dynamic equilibrium- everything is always in flux and we give attention to what is needed at that moment. When we work towards keeping a state of wellbeing and being grounded in ourselves then we can better juggle what life gives us. I believe you can have it all, you just can’t do it all- so having a team of support around you so you can get what you need done and still be thriving, and glowing.

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  1. January 7, 2014 at 12:11 am

    *** I’m living my dream job. I don’t call it my job, I call it my joy!***

    LOVE that sentence. I also WAaaaaaaNT that necklace!

    Great interview!

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