The M3 Interview: Lee Caraher, Double Forte

Lee CaraherLee Caraher, president of PR and marketing services firm Double Forte, may borrow from the best, but her definition of success is 100 percent her own.

Where/when do you feel most successful? At work – when I get an email about someone on the team who has done great work – it means that we’re training people, that we’re building a sustainable business that’s not dependent on me. At home, when my children share with me what they love to do, and my husband and I are able to facilitate their passions – the smile on their faces reflects the joy I feel.

What is your number one rule for achieving success? Define what matters to me, focus on that and don’t let someone else’s definition influence how I feel about my own achievements. I think we need to be comfortable in our own skin – and find that the people I always want to avoid are the people who are so fixated on what other people have that they are never happy with what they have or what they’ve achieved.

With what do you struggle? So many things. I struggle with prioritizing my own self-care and with hiding my irritation with the people who worry about other people’s achievements instead of their own work and career.

What one thing do you wish you had more time for? Time with my husband.

With what do you wish you had more help? Kicking my ass out of bed to exercise.

Is this the life you’re living now, the life you imagined at age 25? OMG no.

If you went back to age 25, what would you change? The vision for my future. Being stuck with a, what I can only now call a Stepford Wife vision of my life in my brain, blocked me from being happy in myself for a long time.

What is your dream job? Taking over for Terri Gross on Fresh Air.

What would you like to see women do more of? I would like to see women negotiate better for equal compensation to or hell, better than, men in the same positions. I’d like to see women truly support each other and honor the different roles we choose.

What would you like to see women do less of?  Be bitchy. Whine. Use their sexuality to get ahead.

Who are your heroines? Hillary Clinton. Gina McEnany (my mom). Single mothers. Women who come from other countries and do everything they can to provide a better life than they had for their children.

What do you admire in/about other women? Their grace and style. I copy everything I can from other women – what they wear, what products they use, what they bring to potlucks, how they set up their guest rooms – for 3 weeks I copied what my colleague wore the next day like my personal Polyvore – of course she didn’t notice because she has better quality clothes than me.

What is your best habit? Finding humor in the every day.

What is your worst habit? Apparently bugging my eyes out when I’m thinking – thereby terrifying those around me who misinterpret that for anger. I’m working on that.

Is your life balanced? As balanced as it’s going to be.

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2 comments for “The M3 Interview: Lee Caraher, Double Forte

  1. Judy white
    December 27, 2013 at 11:27 am

    Great interview Liz. This woman is a leader and a teacher at the same time.

    • lizodool
      December 30, 2013 at 7:14 am

      Thanks Judy.

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