14 Women to Watch in 2014

Women to Watch

Happy New Year and welcome 2014! The year is full of potential and the following women have the just may be the ones who inspire and lead us to do great things. Here are 14 women to watch in 2014.

  1. Hillary Clinton Clinton is always on the women to watch list. This year, we’ll continue to watch for signs that the former Secretary of State will make a run for the presidency.
  2. Janet Yellen Currently vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, Yellen is expected to take over the Fed when Ben Bernanke steps down this month. She bested Larry Summers for the nomination in 2013.
  3. Theresia Gouw Ranzetta A partner at Venture Capital firm Accel Partners, Gouw Ranzetta is one of only a few women in a male-dominated industry. Her investments include Birchbox, Glam Media and ModCloth. Forbes, Time and BusinessWeek have all highlighted her as a power player.
  4. Senator Patty Murray The senior Senator from Washington is widely viewed as a leader and is the first woman to chair the Senate Budget Committee.
  5. Senator Susan Collins This Senator from Maine was credited with helping to reach the agreement that ended the government shutdown and she is seen as someone who can reach across the aisle – something we desperately need in Washington.
  6. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand A working mother, a champion of women’s rights, and an outspoken senator, New York’s  Gillibrand is viewed by some as a presidential contender in 2016.
  7. Mary Barra General Motor’s new CEO, the first woman to lead a global automaker, is ready to take the wheel. She’s got years of industry experience coupled with a personal passion for the business and we’re excited to watch her lead.
  8. Wendy Davis  Will Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, fierce defender of reproductive rights, become the governor of the Lone Star State? We hope so.
  9. Susan Molinari As a former Congresswoman and now vice president of public policy for Google, Molinari wields a lot of power in Washington and Silicon Valley. And we certainly need more women in those two places.
  10. Getchen Driskell The first female and longest-serving mayor of Saline, Michigan, Driskell ran for State Representative in 2012 and won. A single mother of three, she’s been vocal about closing the wage gap and protecting women’s reproductive rights.
  11. Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz A member of the House of Representatives from Pennsylvania, Schwartz is seen as an up and coming Democratic party leader. She has said she won’t run for relection as she is running for Governor instead.
  12. Governor Susana Martinez New Mexico’s first female elected and Latina governor is a Republican party favorite. She says she won’t run for president in 2016, but she’ll certainly be influential in the race.
  13. Juliette Kayem This candidate for Massachusetts Governor has been compared to Senator Elizabeth Warren. Kayem is a former Boston Globe columnist and Homeland Security expert who served as Massachusetts’ first Undersecretary for Homeland Security. Even if she can’t beat out  Democratic frontrunner Attorney General Martha Coakley, Kayem looks to become a fixture in the Commonwealth’s political arena.
  14. Nina Turner A fierce defender of reproductive rights (remember her Viagra bill?), Ohio State Senator Nina Turner is running for Secretary of State. If she wins, she will  become the first African-American to be elected statewide.


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  1. January 4, 2014 at 7:41 am

    Great list! Some that I expected but some that I didn’t.

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