From 2009 – 2015, Hello Ladies was a site for  smart, busy women, written at the intersection of feminism and life. The site was named a Top 100 Website for Women by Forbes, a Best of the Net by Working Mother Magazine and a Voice of the Year by BlogHer. Hello Ladies was also a runner up for a Stevie Award for Best Blog.

In 2015, founder Liz O’Donnell decided it was time to focus not just on working mothers, but on working daughters too and so she started the website Working Daughter to help the millions of women who are juggling caregiving for an aging parent with career,  kids and life.

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Liz ODonnell headshot 3x3As the author of  Mogul, Mom & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman, Liz continues to write for and speak to working mothers, and all women trying to balance their many roles. Find out what she’s up to at Join her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and definitely come check out Working Daughter.


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Stevie Awards For Women in Business “2010 Finalist: Blog of the Year”

HuffPost: “Keep up with the latest female-related news with Hello_Ladies’ “The War on Women” pinboard.” Liz O’Donnell, founder of Hello Ladies, advises that it’s always best to ask for the full time up front—“It’s easier to ask to return to work sooner than it is to ask for an extended leave once you’re gone.”

NPR Political Junkie “The Hello Ladies blog saw the Steinem endorsement as “exciting and significant.”

The Miami HeraldA BlogHer blogger wrote: Wow. Whitt’s column, even if it was just intended to grab attention, makes it easier to understand why women, and mothers in particular, face discrimination at work.”

BlogHer: BlogHer Publishing Network member Hello Ladies has been following the lawsuit for months. This past weekend, in Waiting for Wal-Mart vs. Dukes, she shared a terrific roundup of other active cases that affect working women. I can’t wait for her full take on today’s decision, promised to come later.

Women’s Voices for Change “We first heard about the failure of the Senate to tackle the Paycheck Fairness Act from Liz O’Donnell’s Hello Ladies, which followed up soon after with some solid facts in So the Wage Gap Continues. Noting that …to take “the economic security – of women – and their families and turn it into a partisan issue” is “shameful…absolutely shameful.”

BlogHer “It’s about time, as Hello Ladies also noted that the wage gap has increased since the Ledbetter Act was passed.”

The Mama Bee “I’ve been enjoying the blog Hello Ladies, which reports on the intersection between feminism and life.  It’s part of a new generation of sites for women that aren’t afraid to openly use the f-word (that’s feminist!).”

Our Bodies Our Blog “If you haven’t been following this race closely, you may be interested in this summary of the media coverage. Coakley has been criticized a la Hillary Clinton — too stern and serious.”

Gender Across Borders “Hello Ladies is suggesting five ways to celebrate International Women’s Day…”

WomenstakeHello Ladies posted about the significance of the new law – and the importance of passing the Paycheck Fairness Act.”

Not Under the Bus “Liz O’Donnell writes about the campaign and why it’s important in her blog, Hello Ladies.”

The ChaliceblogBut as Hello Ladies reminds me, this is a very important race as far as Senate balance is concerned and it is, gulp, the best thing for the country if Martha Coakley wins yet another election.”

Care2 “So what effect can this case (Walmart gender discrimination lawsuit) have on women who shop there? Liz O’Donnell writes over at Hello Ladies about her reaction after learning about the gender discrimination suit.”

Impowerage Five Fun and Fabulous Websites for Women 1. Hello Ladies

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