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Ladies, With mixed feelings, I am writing to tell you this is my last post at Hello Ladies. I am so grateful you chose to spend time here over the las...

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Goodbye Ladies

Because it's 2015

Canada’s new  Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was sworn in this week and introduced his new cabinet – made up of 50 percent women. When...

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Because It’s 2015

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A very large earthquake hit Nepal this weekend, killing more than 2,000 people and destroying property. You can help the victims via a donation to t...

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How To Help Nepal


While watching Rudolph last Saturday night, my son says, “Wow. This show is kind of sexist.” He made the comment before I could even poin...

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Feminist Parenting Win!


Did you hear about the Australian newscaster who wore the same suit on air for a year? A reader asked me what I thought about it. According to Karl St...

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Same Suit, Double Standard

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Thank goddess it’s Friday. And how about next week, you drink some coffee and help smash the patriarchy? And wear pink, while you’re at it...

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Thank Goddess It’s Friday

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Misogyny. It’s stamped all over the shootings near Santa Barbara this past weekend, what led up to them, and some of the reactions to the violence. ...

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Misogyny and the Media

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I am thrilled to be a cast member of Listen To Your Mother Boston this year. Listen To Your Mother is a series of live readings by local writers in 3...

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Listen To Your Mother

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Take a look at some television ads when the roles are reversed and men are cast instead of women. Pretty ridiculous isn’t it? According to The R...

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Role Reversal in Advertising

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