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Happy New Year and welcome 2014! The year is full of potential and the following women have the just may be the ones who inspire and lead us to do gre...

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14 Women to Watch in 2014

                  Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/intherough/3393574951/...

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Disclosure: I was compensated to share this video from Kellog’s Special K and I was more than happy to do so because I love the message. We woul...

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Stop the Fat Talk

Despite the great strides women continue to make, the latest innovations in women’s underwear have been less than stellar. Until now. First we g...

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Better than Spanx

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Happy Halloween. My kids decided to go with homemade costumes this year, so I was spared the scary aisles of the Halloween stores. Not scary boo, but ...

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Happy Halloween

Weekends; when working mothers continue to work, just in a different place, on different assignments. I love the weekends. I love having breakfast wit...

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I Hope They Lose

According to a new survey conducted by The Center for American Progress and ELLE magazine, just 20 percent of men think their pay would be affected by...

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Men Could Close the Wage Gap

Here’s a roundup of news related to women. Tough times for gender discrimination cases: A jury in New York decided late last week that Rochelle Cohe...

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News from Around the Web

Declare your independence ladies. Put down that mop and enjoy the holiday. For more on the harms of housework read: Is Housework Holding Women Back fr...

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Declare Your Independence

Let’s hear it for fathers on Father’s Day. Let’s hear it for the stay-at-home-fathers. These men are helping pave a path forward for more me...

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Let’s Hear It for Fathers

My kids need some new t-shirts so I checked out the Avenger-themed apparel from Marvel Comics. I can buy my daughter the “I Need a Hero” s...

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A Feminist Mom Goes Shopping

I used to be that woman. You know, the feminist, at work. I tried not to be. I resisted for a long time. But as I neared my 40s, things just started f...

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Talking About Gender at Work

I’m over at the Huffington Post today with more thoughts on Equal Pay Day. It may sound trivial but how unfair is it that women spend more to g...

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More About Equal Pay

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