Make Work Work

I used to be that woman. You know, the feminist, at work. I tried not to be. I resisted for a long time. But as I neared my 40s, things just started f...

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Talking About Gender at Work

Here’s an interesting infographic from that breaks down the challenges and opportunities for women interested in scientific careers...

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Women in Science

I’m over at The Huffington Post today talking about a study out of the University of California, Berkeley, that  indicates women who run their...

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Why I Should Rule the World

Today’s guest post is from David Houle, an internationally-recognized futurist who assesses current global trends to systematically predict wha...

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Income Equality by 2020

As evidenced by my recent lack of blogging, I’ve been really busy the past two months and unable to “do it all.” However I’ve been asked by se...

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Men Can’t Have It All Either

Ten hours in a conference room. Pastries and bad coffee at 7:30 a.m. Box lunch at noon. Team dinner at 6. And in between: Business agility Tire tracks...

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How Was Your Day?

If I were Santa, I’d be making my list and checking it twice. And here are the gifts I would give: For Our Daughters: The gift of self-esteem an...

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If I Were Santa

Are you looking for a new position in Sales, Marketing or Engineering? We just posted three new openings on our Jobs page. Click here to see them. An...

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New Job Listings for Women

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs passed away yesterday and we wanted to acknowledge the tremendous impact he made on the way we live and work. RIP – ...

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Steve Jobs: What an iMpact

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 8.19.28 AM

Let me tell you about the life of a working mother. So this morning I was running late for work because I had a hard time picking out an outfit becaus...

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The Life of a Working Mother

We’ve got some new job postings from GreenSearch Partner. For more information contact or 781-523-1906. National A...

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Jobs for Women

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.40.15 AM

This post originally ran on We’ve since replaced some of the activities listed below for new ones, but our house remains dirty a...

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How Do You Do It All?

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