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We’re making the invisible tasks visible this month, in honor of Mother’s Day and all that mothers do. Today’s list comes from Angela Smith, a f...

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Angela’s Invisible Tasks

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I am thrilled to be a cast member of Listen To Your Mother Boston this year. Listen To Your Mother is a series of live readings by local writers in 3...

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Listen To Your Mother

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Should. I think it’s a four-letter word. I spell it s-h-u-d. Our heads are filled with shoulds: I should call my mother more often. I should get...

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You Shud Read This

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Take a look at some television ads when the roles are reversed and men are cast instead of women. Pretty ridiculous isn’t it? According to The R...

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Role Reversal in Advertising

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I am lobbying Washington to ban the word mom, in all its iterations, from public spaces. And I need your help. No mom, no mommy, no mum, no mother, no...

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What If Mom Were Banned?

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Thank goddess it’s Friday! How did everyone fare during the first full work week of the year? Did you forget anything you were supposed to do? H...

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Thank Goddess It’s Friday

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Happy New Year and welcome 2014! The year is full of potential and the following women have the just may be the ones who inspire and lead us to do gre...

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14 Women to Watch in 2014