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How was your week? Do you feel that slight chill in the air and notice the acorns on the ground already? Don’t mourn the almost-over summer. Ge...

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Thank Goddess It’s Friday

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If your life is anything like mine right now, weekends aren’t that much more relaxing than weekdays. And sometimes the shower is the only time...

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Thank Goddess It’s Friday

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According to an analysis of White House staffer salaries done by The Washington Post, the White House has a gender-based wage gap. Per the Post anal...

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Wage Gap at The White House?

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June. The month every year when this working mother wants to cry, “You were right! I can’t have it all! I surrender!” In fact I did cry last wee...

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Parents Need To Get Organized

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Misogyny. It’s stamped all over the shootings near Santa Barbara this past weekend, what led up to them, and some of the reactions to the violence. ...

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Misogyny and the Media

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As Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to share this TED talk that writer Courtney Martin gave in 2010 about how she became a feminist. I love wha...

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Activist Moms

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We’re making the invisible tasks visible this month, in honor of Mother’s Day and all that mothers do. Today’s list comes from Angela Smith, a f...

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Angela’s Invisible Tasks

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I am thrilled to be a cast member of Listen To Your Mother Boston this year. Listen To Your Mother is a series of live readings by local writers in 3...

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Listen To Your Mother

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Should. I think it’s a four-letter word. I spell it s-h-u-d. Our heads are filled with shoulds: I should call my mother more often. I should get...

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You Shud Read This

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