equal rights

Last year, our town was considering changing from one high school athletic league to another. I didn’t play any sports in high school and don’...

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Rally for Girl’s Sports

Tonight our town meeting voted on whether or not to increase the “supplemental annual allowance …  to widows of disabled public employees, pu...

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Language Matters

A federal judge has determined competitive cheerleading is not a federal sport. The ruling stems from a lawsuit originally filed by Quinnipiac College...

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Cheerleading Not a Sport

How the hell would I know? I’m not Chris Brogan. Pity he didn’t take a similar approach in his recent posts, “Learn What Women Want&...

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What Chris Brogan Wants

Brava to the three Newsweek writers who take on gender discrimination at their own magazine. In the March 29 issue Jessica Bennett, Jesse Ellison and ...

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Newsweek takes on sexism

Wanted: A candidate for the Mass Ninth Congressional District. This individual will represent all of the people of the district and lead with courage ...

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A job opening and an induction

A friend recently pointed out to me that our weekly hometown paper disproportionately covers boy’s sports over girl’s sports. I never noti...

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Play Ball

Remember that Dodge Charger ad titled, “Man’s Last Stand” that aired during the Super Bowl? The one where the man says he will drive the car h...

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For the Ladies

  The Senate voted down the Stupak-like Nelson amendment, which would have severely restricted a woman’s right to an abortion and other related...

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Not Under The Bus

Lest you think we were making any progress with regards to gender issues, allow me to burst your bubble. The primary election to fill Ted Kennedy̵...

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Sexism Alive and Well

Today, Planned Parenthood is sponsoring a National Day of Action to lobby the Senate for health care reform that ensures women’s access to reproduct...

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National Day of Action

I was complaining to my father after learning a male coworker made more money than me despite the fact I was on the management team and my coworker wa...

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A Long Way from Equal

Last night, in the town where I live, we had a warrant review in preparation for a special town meeting. On the table are some critical items to do wi...

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Why We Need Women in Office

It was a wild ride for healthcare reform and for women this weekend. Saturday started with women Democrats in the House trying to speak about gender d...

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Wild Weekend

Writing about women can be challenging sometimes because you hear about so many things that drain your energy. For example, there was a story in yeste...

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Drained, Denied, and Dance

Today, August 26, is Women’s Equality Day in honor of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution granting women the right to vot...

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Women’s Equality Day

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