Martha Coakley
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It’s not just the word “sweetheart”, it’s what might lie beneath it. And that’s what’s most concerning.  Charlie...

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Words Matter Sweetheart

Here is some of the news from around the web affecting women: Last week, The Commission on Judicial Performance, admonished California Superior Court...

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News from Around the Web

I have recently found a new slew of articles supporting the popular idea that women are to blame –for everything. Politico ran an article earlier th...

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Are Women to Blame?

Since we’re always urging women to get involved politically, we thought it would be informative to share insights from a woman who is. Last week...

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Woman in Politics: Harmony Wu

For the last three months I volunteered my time to the Martha Coakley for Senate campaign. I held signs, made calls, (yes, that was me calling incessa...

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Why the Hate?

Lest you think we were making any progress with regards to gender issues, allow me to burst your bubble. The primary election to fill Ted Kennedy̵...

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Sexism Alive and Well

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