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No time to write this week and so much to discuss. So here’s a round up of news from around the web affecting women. Click the links to learn mo...

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News From Around the Web

While we wait for a Supreme Court decision on the Walmart v. Dukes class action suit, here are some other important court cases that impact working wo...

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Waiting for Walmart v. Dukes

Ladies, We have two questions for our working women readers (full and part time). You can either contact us at or leave a comme...

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Two Questions

  An article in Time magazine yesterday, “Workplace Salaries: At Last, Women on Top,” suggests some interesting news on the gender wage g...

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Is there a Reverse Wage Gap?

Here’s a scary story to send women back to the kitchen: the more economically dependent a man is on his female partner, the more likely he is to...

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Do Men Cheat on Breadwinners?

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