Congressman Todd Akin continues to dominate the news cycle following his comments on a St. Louis television program about rape and abortion. ...

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Todd Akin Revisited

If I were Santa, I’d be making my list and checking it twice. And here are the gifts I would give: For Our Daughters: The gift of self-esteem an...

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If I Were Santa

  Here’s a round up of news from affecting women from around the web. Bayer faces gender discrimation lawsuit from six women who claim the ...

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News from Around the Web

Geraldine Ferraro died yesterday at the age of 75 from complications related to blood cancer. It’s Women’s History Month and Ferraro was definitel...

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Thank You Geraldine Ferraro

March is Women’s History Month and to coincide, the White House Council on Women and Girls has issued the report, “Women in America: Indic...

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The Status of Women

  Dear Mr. President: I just watched your appearance on “The View.” I had never watched the show before; I’d only seen clips on You...

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Dear Mr. President

“She seems to be smart, impressive and honest — and in her willingness to suppress so much of her mind for the sake of her career, kind of dis...

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Is Elena Kagan a Careerist?

Elena Kagan is the current Solicitor General. President Obama is expected to announce this morning that she is his pick to replace Justice John Paul S...

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Who is Elena Kagan?

Today, Planned Parenthood is sponsoring a National Day of Action to lobby the Senate for health care reform that ensures women’s access to reproduct...

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National Day of Action

I felt like Cindy Lou Who from “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” when she says, “Santie Claus, why? Why are you taking our Christmas ...

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Why Bomb the Moon?

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