No time to write this week and so much to discuss. So here’s a round up of news from around the web affecting women. Click the links to learn mo...

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News From Around the Web

While former governor Mitt Romney was the technical winner in Iowa last night, Rick Santorum was the real winner, trailing Romney by only eight votes....

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Do Iowans Use Birth Control?

Another year almost over, another few cents narrowing the wage gap. Here’s a look back at some of the stories that impacted or involved women in 201...

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Women Newsmakers in 2011

If I were Santa, I’d be making my list and checking it twice. And here are the gifts I would give: For Our Daughters: The gift of self-esteem an...

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If I Were Santa

  Here’s a round up of news from affecting women from around the web. Bayer faces gender discrimation lawsuit from six women who claim the ...

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News from Around the Web

Another week as busy as we were. Here’s what we missed: Charlie Sheen. No we don’t live under a rock. We just have no interest in the demise o...

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News from around the Web

Thank you to Margaret Morganroth Gullette for writing a story that usually remains untold – about why a woman chose an abortion and the positiv...

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Choice: The Untold Stories

Yesterday someone asked me, “What is Chocolate Madness?” My response, “What isn’t Chocolate Madness?” Chocolate Madness ...

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Chocolate Madness

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