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Truth be told, we’re just not up for writing about some of the stories in the news right now. So here’s a roundup of links to some of the topi...

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News From Around the Web

Remember that Dodge Charger ad titled, “Man’s Last Stand” that aired during the Super Bowl? The one where the man says he will drive the car h...

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For the Ladies

This year’s Super Bowl ads revealed a common, and bizarre, theme. More jarring than even any of the spots, were the number of ads th...

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Super Bowl Backlash

Dear CBS: This weekend my family is going to spend time together celebrating life –we are going to watch the Super Bowl. I hope that during the ...

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Dear CBS

As you have probably heard, there is a major controversy brewing around one of the Super Bowl ads scheduled to run this year. CBS has accepted an ad f...

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Super Bowl, Super Hypocrisy

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