White House Project

Ladies, I get the complacency. I do. I am mostly uninspired by my choices on the ballot. But I will vote. And I hope you do too. Vote because your gr...

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Women, We Need to Vote

Check out the latest data from the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) on the number of women in government worldwide. Just 18.9 percent of all elected le...

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Missing: Women in Politics

Public Speaking. Hate it! Even though I took Voice and Articulation, Debate, Oral Interpretation and Public Speaking 101 in college; even though I won...

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Fear of Public Speaking

Elena Kagan is the current Solicitor General. President Obama is expected to announce this morning that she is his pick to replace Justice John Paul S...

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Who is Elena Kagan?

Brava to the three Newsweek writers who take on gender discrimination at their own magazine. In the March 29 issue Jessica Bennett, Jesse Ellison and ...

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Newsweek takes on sexism

I was complaining to my father after learning a male coworker made more money than me despite the fact I was on the management team and my coworker wa...

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A Long Way from Equal

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