work life balance
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June. The month every year when this working mother wants to cry, “You were right! I can’t have it all! I surrender!” In fact I did cry last wee...

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Parents Need To Get Organized

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Should. I think it’s a four-letter word. I spell it s-h-u-d. Our heads are filled with shoulds: I should call my mother more often. I should get...

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You Shud Read This

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Inspired by the resourceful women I met while writing Mogul, Mom & Maid, I’ve culled this list of working mom hacks – tips to help you...

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Working Mom Hacks

Here’s an interesting infographic that touches on some of the issues I cover in Mogul, Mom & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman. Are wo...

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Leaning In or Out?

Let’s hear it for fathers on Father’s Day. Let’s hear it for the stay-at-home-fathers. These men are helping pave a path forward for more me...

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Let’s Hear It for Fathers

I used to be that woman. You know, the feminist, at work. I tried not to be. I resisted for a long time. But as I neared my 40s, things just started f...

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Talking About Gender at Work

As evidenced by my recent lack of blogging, I’ve been really busy the past two months and unable to “do it all.” However I’ve been asked by se...

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Men Can’t Have It All Either

If I were Santa, I’d be making my list and checking it twice. And here are the gifts I would give: For Our Daughters: The gift of self-esteem an...

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If I Were Santa

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Let me tell you about the life of a working mother. So this morning I was running late for work because I had a hard time picking out an outfit becaus...

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The Life of a Working Mother

This post originally ran on We’ve since replaced some of the activities listed below for new ones, but our house remains dirty a...

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How Do You Do It All?

I cried a little today. I needed to vent some frustration. I am frustrated because this Friday is the summer concert at my children’s school and...

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A Working Mother Vents