working mothers

I don’t mean to preach; I just need to practice. It’s been a rough year – personally, politically, at home, and afar. Research shows...

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Practice Gratitude

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Hello dear readers. I’ll be back to original content soon – I’ve been focused on some blog enhancements (mostly back-end enhancement...

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Reading List

Check out Hello Ladies around the web: All of the recent focus on mothers who work begs the question, what about fathers? What are male breadwinners, ...

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We Get Around

As evidenced by my recent lack of blogging, I’ve been really busy the past two months and unable to “do it all.” However I’ve been asked by se...

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Men Can’t Have It All Either

If I were Santa, I’d be making my list and checking it twice. And here are the gifts I would give: For Our Daughters: The gift of self-esteem an...

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If I Were Santa

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